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A biker's wish list: Part II

In, the first part of our Biker’s Wish List, Wahid Ooi Abdullah talked about the more stylish side of being a biker, laden with plenty of functional value. This time, he writes about a different kind of accessory that may just be that one extra thing to trick out your ride but more importantly, make sure your tyre pressures are right. Read on!

K-Tech Suspension
All motorcycles are built to accommodate a wide range of riders, so unless you’re Rossi, a manufacturer isn’t going to make a motorcycle to fit your every specific need. This goes for your bike’s suspension. There’s a chance you may not find it to your liking.

Well, with K-Tech Suspension, it’s possible to turn your hog into a cheetah.

With a products line that includes complete fork cartridge kits, entire forks, complete shocks, springs, flow control valves, offroad damping systems, fork piston kits, steering dampers, slide bushes, fork dust seals, and everything else in between, K-Tech pretty much has an answer for racebikes, sportbikes, street bikes, offroad bikes, cruisers and even mopeds.

K-Tech’s advantage results from their extensive involvement in the Isle of Man TT (IoM) road race and they have had much success in their venture. The IoM takes place over public roads where a centimeter perfect and a centimeter too much means either finishing the race or going home in a wheelchair. Or worse. And since K-Tech obtains so much data from the IoM, it translates to better real world applications.

EBAT Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Most high-end (read: expensive) motorcycles include a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), but what about those that don’t?

A bike’s tyre pressure is one of the most neglected aspects (besides chain maintenance), causing handling problems, shortened tyre lifespan, compromised comfort, and bad fuel economy, if not being downright dangerous, among other things.



Although a rare occurrence these days, even properly maintained tyres could deflate without warning due to a myriad of reasons.

That’s why a TPMS makes sense.

EBAT is a subsidiary of Steel Mate, who produces TPMS for marques such as Toyota, Mazda, BMW, besides tyre pressure gauges in certain markets and are making a foray into the motorcycle industry.

EBAT’s TPMS is easy to install and even easier to operate, using only two buttons to navigate through the menu. It’s just plug-n-play. Or rather, plug-n-ride.

Once in place, the sender units on the tyre valves will communicate with the display unit via radio frequency. The units are weather proof, too.

The senders are locked in place using a special wrench, while the display unit can be detached when you leave your bike to avoid being stolen as some crook’s Christmas.

Stickman Vinyls

Here’s something to up the cool quotient on your bike.

Stickman Vinyls offer beautifully made accents for your ride’s rims. The strip on the rim’s flange brings it up from being Plain Jane to being sportier, while the bike type vinyl applied on the inner part of the rim gives the rims more dimension, making them look deeper and wider.

Plus, they are highly reflective and light up like Christmas trees when light hits them at night.

Stickman Vinyls aren’t your run-of-the-mill stickers that you could cut in a shop. These vinyls are meant to be durable under the harshest conditions, even when they are attacked by road grime, water, oil, brake dust or chain lube. Although the special adhesive means the vinyl pieces stay on strong, it does not leave behind a gooey residue when removed.

Leatherman Wave
Say “Leatherman” to any gear geek and watch his eyes widen. That’s a fact.

Leatherman’s products have since been at the forefront of military use, law enforcement, search and rescue services, motorsports, and just about everywhere because of their durability and versatility.

The Wave was the original Leatherman multi-tool, but the company has since revised it, making it even better and stronger. It has everything you need and then some.

Muc-Off Visor, Lens & Goggles Cleaning Kit
This is an indispensable item for every biker who isn’t a fan of insect splatter on his visor.

Cleaning your helmet’s visor requires care. Wiping it with a dry cloth will invariably result in deep scratches. Wiping it with a damp cloth or tissue paper may result in the same. One method is to clean it with normal soap but how do you dry it? With tissue paper? God forbid!

Muc-Off has the best solution (pun unintended). Just like the product’s name, safely cleaning your visor, glasses and goggles are all possible with it. Bug guts are no match. I personally use it to clean my camera’s lens and my bike’s windshield too.

Included in this kit are a microfiber cloth for a spotless finish and pouch to carry both items. The cleaner is pH balanced and biodegradable.

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