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An introduction to motorcycle rims: Part II

Very necessary but often overlooked is the maintenance of rims. It is important to inspect your motorcycle rims and clean them on a regular basis to help prevent spoke failure or corrosion of weak points. You can definitely suffer flat tires if a few spokes fail on your motorcycle rims. This can happen under ordinary everyday conditions. The broken spoke pushes into the wheel and punctures the tube. So always keep your wheels clean and check them for signs of corrosion or other damage.

Here are some other pointers to keep your rims in the right condition: 

Spotting problems with motorcycle rims
With a second hand bike or one with an unknown history, it is possible the wheels could be out of shape. The wheel might seem to oscillate laterally (side to side) or appear to move up and down. Motorcycle rims can be casually inspected by supporting the bike on the centre stand and spinning them.

Maintaining motorcycle rims
Aluminium motorcycle rims are usually coated. Some chemicals used for bike maintenance of other systems (like brake fluid) can damage that coating. Once the bare aluminium on the motorcycle rims are exposed to air it can begin to corrode. Wheels can come under a lot of stress and even small areas of corrosion can become a point of failure.

Replacing rims or wheels
This is an easy job for solid wheels, just make sure you get the right size for your bike. If you are going for a custom laced wheel, a company like Buchanan Spokes should be able to help you.

Repairing Rims
A hammer and a few wooden blocks may help you straighten out small dents in your laced motorcycle rims. But otherwise, look around for rim repairers.

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