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Bike-O-Logy 2018: Bikes To Watch Out For In 2018

With the festive season sprouting about and year-end bonuses mushrooming in your bank account, it might feel like the perfect time to invest on that dream two-wheeled beau you’ve been setting your sights on all your life, but you might want to hold your rpms before checking out these sexy beasts awaiting you in 2018!

  • 2018 Honda CRF250R

Feast your senses to the 2018 CRF250R which packs the best 250 four-stroke motocross bike Honda has ever produced. Ask any motorcycle aficionado and they would go on to enlist the myriad of changes this model has undergone since its 2004 inception.

The notable distinction lies in Big Red’s first of its kind; transformation of the SOHC (single overhead cam) engine to the DOHC (double overhead cam) engine where it further gets an electric-start to it. Inevitably, even a fool would infer that the latter is formulated for the purposes of soaring rpms.

Although cosmetically resembling its 2017 predecessor, (which arguably boasted the best motocross bike sales to date) it is equipped with a Showa 49mm A-Kit-style spring fork in 2018. Allow yourself for a chassis, downdraft intake, titanium fuel tank and artwork indulgence if you decide to treat yourself to this baby. Designed with rpm-“abuse” in mind, it’s safe to assume that one would only truly be able to enjoy this ride when trailing in higher rpms.

Striking a balance between comfort and performance, the new suspension (Showa 49mm spring fork) boasts a no air pressure gauge system as opposed to its ancestor.

If ‘brisk’ and ‘agility’ are two words that come to mind in your overall bike handling, then this is your answer for motorbike-chassis goals, given its rear-end power which might just turn out to be the best 250 four-stroke motocross bike to date!

  • 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX 200HP Supercharged Sport Tourer



The EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show unveiled this supercharged performance machine to the sport-touring market.

Despite sharing the 998c supercharged powerplant with its predecessor, this younger sibling bags more street credibility redesigned for better street handling. And what is it exactly Kawasaki throws in this time? Improved supercharger, cams, combustion chamber intake and exhaust components.

Looking to quench your horsey thirsts? Then you’re in store for a horsepower boost with this one! With 200 horsepower at 11,000 rpm, and 101 ft/lbs of torque @ 9500 rpm, you will have to get your appetite do the talking!

  • The KTM 790 Duke

Arguably the most anticipated bike release at the the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan this year, the Duke was undeniably the show-stopper at the event. Unfortunately, it won’t land at any dealership until the last quarter of 2018. Many bike aficionados have been anticipating this bike for a long time coming now, wherein some have even halted purchases awaiting KTM’s production to awe themselves specs-wise.

The 790 Duke proves to be intoxicating with a street-fighting profile, bragging a 103 hp at top speed, weighing 372 pounds dry weight and 472 on the wet while torque packs at 63.6 pound-feet. Quick fact sheet for you right there!

Expect this beast to adorn a steel trellis frame which will use the 799cc motor as a stressed member to save on that extra weight.

Prepare to entice your bike senses with this compelling two-wheeled street hero which is very well worth the 12-month wait.

  • The 2018 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

Apart from a bold new graphics remodeling, this bike remains unchanged since its production in the past year. You’re sure to be drawn to the new paint job it dons if you’re the type who likes to flaunt the bohemian in you. Having etched a character of its own, the Scrambler® Desert Sled Black Edition is set to evoke any Ducati enthusiast’s spirit! Resonated through a colour which pays homage to the revered era of endurance bikes, the ‘80s, we reckon it’d have been perfect should it have had a touch of matte to its finish. Well, let’s hope 2019 has that in store for you Ducati folks!

  • The 2018 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SE

Reputed for dominating the World Superbike stage as of late, the star Ninja ZX-10R SE will have no hard time pleasing Kawi enthusiasts. Kawasaki has upped their game in 2018 boasting cutting-edge technology. The 2018 ZX-10R SE is equipped with suspensions which are electronically adjustable and electronic forged wheels. Thus, the Special Edition status it’s been conferred with.One more notable tech advancement is the “built-in stroke sensors” which aids for a smooth sail and great acceleration. Bagging 197 horsies at a staggering 13K rpm and 83 pounds-ft of torque at 11.5K rpm on this one, this bad boy is sure to appease any Kawasaki head’s bike-hunger. mm-vroom-yumm!

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