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Motorcycle-Specific Navigation To Be Available On Waze

Clank your chains boys and girls! Waze introduces a setting specifically for Motorcycles for faster routes with HOV.


Bought over by Google in 2013, traffic app Waze provides road users - car drivers to be exact alternate and faster routes and detects traffic en route. The clever app was also the first application to introduce HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) - a lane for peak travel hours where Waze directs drivers o avoid traffic congestion. 

Waze also rolle out another navigation revamp in the process: The HOV option only directs you to the best lane, and not all states have HOV lanes. By establishing the motorcycle option, Waze is recognizing proper and faster lanes specifically for motorcycles. The company will also allow motorcyclists to update via the app, a live street update for the community of drivers. To avoid congestion, outsmart traffic and get everyone on the best routes possible.

To activate the motorcycle feature on the app itself, you can go to Settings > Navigation > Vehicle Type > Motorcycle.

The newly launched settings will definitely improve the lives of motorcyclists on the road. It is a great step coming from Waze and everyone will be looking forward to new updates from the app for better convenience in the near future!

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