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Custom Jackets For Custom Freaks

You're a freak and you're proud of it. Your hordes of Instagram followers are proud of it.
You've spent countless weeks and months on your one-of-a-kind motorcycle, sold off a few to admirers and are fending off requests to help people customise their own rides.

Ever given a thought to how you might look while riding your custom job? You'd be surprised to learn that your bike isn't the only thing you can customise. If you think about it, your gear deserves just as much customisation as your bike.

Here are 3 custom biking jacket and jacketwear makers you should look at:

1. Vanson Leathers
OK, so maybe not everyone needs Vanson's trademark gun pockets, but very few manufacturers come close when it comes to all-American jacket designs. What do you want? Steer hide? Quilted liners? Kidney support? Laced sides? Extra kevlar armour installs?

Tell them where and what you want, and you'll get it.

2. Schott
Schott jackets are a bit on the trendier side of things and perfectly suited to hipsters but also the urban cementscapes of big biking cities. The American brand popularised designs such as asymmetrical zippers, snap down lapels and shoulder epaulets that are now recognised as classic riding details.

It's website has recently opened itself up to custom-made designs which it can deliver in four weeks. From leather colours to lambskin material, get it all at the precise size you want.

3. G-Star Raw
Maybe you prefer riding in denim instead of leather to match your jacket? Dutch apparel makers have a custom line made especially for biking and represents the latest in modern European motorbike fashion.

They specialise in riding jeans that are padded in the right places to afford protection for the rider. You can go overboard with the tapers if you want, with their extreme tapered 3D designs, especially on the Type C ranges.

However you think of style and fashion, make sure the fashion you have suits you the way your bike does.

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