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Five roads to ride in the UK

We often find ourselves wondering which roads to ride next, our minds wandering across countries as we browse the Internet. Here's a quick list of roads to consider revving down in the UK. 

1. The Atlantic Highway (A39)

This sweeping stretch of tarmac runs from Bideford, Devon and combines breathtaking scenery, twisty country roads, and flowing hills for nearly 25 miles. The route finishes just outside of Bude, and upon completion the only thing you'll be thinking is to turn around and head back down the road again!

2. Rollercoaster Road (B3227)

This undulating ribbon of tarmac is again located in Devon. The roads starts just north of Bish Mill, and proceeds to wind its way through lush countryside and sleepy villages, before finishing in Great Torrington. The route is just over 17 miles, but what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in enjoyment!


3. Upper Dolfor Road/ Sugar Loaf Hill (A483)

This picturesque road is surely one of the most breathtaking in the country. Situated in Wales, on the outskirts of the Shropshire Hills, this road has twists and turns at every corner! The ascent (and subsequent descent) of Sugar Loaf Hill is simply breathtaking, and the road itself meanders from Newtown down to Crossgates. The route is around 21 miles, but with so much spectacular scenery on offer, the route could takes days to complete!


4. Swinscoe Road/ Blakelow Road (A52/A53)

This is widely regarded as one of the best motorcycling roads in the Peak District. The route itself stretches along 45 miles of stunning landscape, and winds its way from Cromford along to Mayfield. With tight hairpins, narrow back roads, and dizzying drops, this road has everything in abundance!

5. London Road (A354/A35/B3142)

This dramatic road snakes its way along from Dorchester, before curving off through Bere Regis. The route itself is just over 27 miles and is essentially a large loop, ensuring that once you've gone round once, the road decides that you will almost certainly want to go again! The drive has a real mix of corners; from fast open bends, all the way down to tight hairpins, this road truly has a bit of everything!

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