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Go Green With Electric Bikes

It is definitely a relief for motor companies to propose environmental-friendly projects in response to the current issues regarding global warming. To educate oneself about the problem is really important and also is a very beautiful and thoughtful thing to do. You don’t have to rely on oil for power or speed; electric bikes can give you that too. Especially because of today's technological advances that allow motor companies to further develop the performance of these electric motorcycles. In the past, companies have released a number or electric motorcycles but not necessarily in a design that society would gravitate to. Best believe that they have improved with quite epic designs from Energica Ego, Lightning, Brutus to Harley Davidson and Dorna Sports with MotoGP.


Zero SR


Lightning Motorcycle's LS 218


Partnered up with MotoGP and The FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme), Dorna Sports is holding the world’s first electric motorcycle racing championship next year. They will also highlight the use of electric bikes made by Italian electric motorcycle producer Energica. Livia Cevolini (CEO Energica Motor) stated that the whole team are committed and passionate about the eco-friendly project that focuses more on quality control and new technologies. Vito Ippolito, FIM President also expressed his excitement towards the development plan of renewable energy generation technologies.


Dorna Sports x Energica x MotoGP


Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is not far behind with their first battery-powered motorcycle and the role it brings to their growing business. This upcoming motorcycle will be so fast that it can reach 60 miles per hour within just 4 seconds. Due to their stagnant movement in sales, 11,1 percent drop in the US and 9 percent in other countries, Harley Davidson heavily relies on the new electric motorcycle models to accelerate sales.

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