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Honda Collaborates with Forever 21

One of the most asked question or just hottest gossip within the motorcycle industry revolves around whether or not the motorcycle hype is dead or that sales are going down every year. New bike sales have been reducing despite the great technological improvements with the engines and the traditional demographic is not a trend anymore.



Most motorcycle brands are trying to make sense of it and come up with something that would actually solve this complicated issue. It is definitely a tricky problem to solve, but one thing that is pretty obvious is to attract new riders, and maybe younger… and reaching beyond the usual marketing strategies and introduce it to the new generations.



Honda just announced that are collaborating with the fashion retailer Forever21 to make trends in the motorsport fashion and bring headlights to the beloved motorcycle company. “The popularity of racing and the strong ties between fashion and motorsport” is that this F21xHonda collection represents.



Forever21 is one of the most in-demand fashion retailers within the younger generation, even for adults. They have 815 stores in 57 countries that are pretty affordable. This collection alone is targeting both boys and girls that features vintage retro inspired pieces such as t-shirts, sweaters, and racing jackets for the boys. And vintage inspired crop-tops, t-shirts, and skirts.



To celebrate this unique and wonderful collaboration, Forever21 is holding an extravagant giveaway of the brand new Honda CRV250L motorcycle.

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