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Most Fuel-Efficient Motorcycles For 2017

There can be many reasons for a motorcycle enthusiast to make fuel economy a priority when it comes to buying a new or second motorbike.

Yes, oil prices have been mired in low prices for more than two years now, but fuel prices at the petrol station haven't really reflected that. Or, you could simply be making a more environmentally-conscious choice.

Whatever the reason, you will be glad to know that manufacturers are paying attention to the need for fuel efficiency and there are quite a few options.

1. Honda Grom 125 - 100+mpg
Easily the best city bike to own in 2015 and 2016, you still can't lose if you buy this in 2017. This new-age monkey bike is wrapped around a solid, reliable 125cc Honda dirt bike engine that won’t leave you stranded. The 125cc, manual-transmission Honda Grom remains a lightweight fun machine that’s still small enough to sneak onto the bike lane without attracting too much negative attention. Strong aftermarket for Grom parts make this a great buy.

2. Motoped Pro 50 – 100+mpg
For the same great range, you can even transition from street to sidewalk and bicycle lane, and it's perfectly legal to do so! Ultimately a hipster ride, you can be accused of being an undecided cycler or motorcyclist – but for the ability to jump in and out of traffic jams, this model's a winner.

3. Vespa 946 Emporio Armani – 100+mpg
Yes, it's a scooter and Vespas still do the streets justice and are as fuel efficient as ever. It's the best sub-150cc scooter you can find. Paint is gorgeous, high end and the leather work is flawless. It's the most thoroughly designed and expertly executed scooter on the market.

4. Kawasaki Z125 – 100+mpg
Kawasaki's direct rival to the Grom, it has one thing that Honda's champion doesn't: automatic transmission. The availability of a twist-n-go version makes the Kawasaki Z125 more accessible than the manual Honda Grom, and its small size and non-threatening nature should make it a great starter bike.

5. Triumph Thunderbird – 66mpg
OK, so the Thunderbird doesn't reach the 100+ miles per gallon excesses of all the previous four bikes listed above, but this cruiser deserves a mention for the awesome punch it's still able to deliver.

That’s because the Triumph Thunderbird has a bigger engine (by 700cc), that’s more powerful (it makes 98 HP and 115 lb-ft of TQ). 

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