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Motorcycle Annoyance: Motorcycle In Movies

I keep Googling for “a ducati inline-four model” but the closest results I received was a whole bunch of listings for “Ducati V-Four/V4.” So why did the Hypermotard in Yes Man (2008) sound like an inline-Four? Or why does an inline-Four model sound like a two-stroke, or vice-versa?

Do manufacturers build one-off specials for movies?

 I’m still figuring out how to get the tires howling without almost crashing my brains out. But nope, that R 1200 C in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) just kept going. Shouldn’t someone sign up Pierce Brosnan as a factory rider? Well, he is impervious to crashing, how’s that for consistency through the season?

I’ve been riding for 29 years and I’ve yet to learn the technique of the getting the front end up for a motorcycle cat fight with another bike in front of a humungous Mountain Dew poster, in Torque (2004).

I’m also disappointed in myself that I couldn’t jump over a fence without a ramp, like in Cool As Ice (1991).

The salesperson told me that I would be buying the world’s most advanced sportbike, but in the movie Biker Boyz (2003) they had the transmissions from semis, since they kept changing up and up and up... I knew there was something off with that sales guy.

I rode at 80mph without a helmet and sitting straight up but it felt like my head was going to be ripped off and I couldn’t see much through squinted eyes. But they rode way above 120mph in likewise fashion in Dhoom! (2004 – 2013) but their hairs still stayed in shape!

But the real damper of all was not being able to find that the bike which flew off the desert floor and into the cargo plane, while pulling aerobatic rolls along the way. Yes, that bike from Megaforce (1982).

The action must be real, since they were in shown in movies, right? Sheesh. Movie stars always get the best stuff.

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