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Motovlogging: How To Earn Money With A Motorcycle And A Video Recorder

We all have our reasons to ride a motorcycle. For many, it could be a lifestyle choice, for others practicality and for a few, it's a conscious decision borne of nostalgia or love for the road and open air.

Whatever the reasons that brought you on to your metal horse, there's no shame in trying to make a few bucks out of your passion, especially when considering how expensive a lifestyle motorcycling can be for many of us.

You don't have to be a complete sell out to make some money either! Lots of people are earning a little income from their motorbike via respectable and legitimate ways. One of the most popular is through video streaming site, Youtube.

The same way web logging became blogging, video logging is known as vlogging. Do it from a motorbike and we have what is known as Motovlogging. A little bit of a cumbersome term but it's rising in popularity, especially among sports bike and dirt bike enthusiasts.

Film yourself, film the road and its surroundings, film both you and the road. Basically, attach a camera to your bike or helmet, and you have a video documentation of your journey.

How do you get people to watch? Unless you do death-defying stunts all the time or are the only vlogger on your island nation, you'll want to make sure you take interesting videos. Motovloggers also tend to ignore the “short videos are good videos” rule – with many popular Youtube serials such as MOTOMUMBLE and Moto Monday push out videos over an hour long… riders love watching others ride!

Once you start feeling the rush from all the millions of views you're getting on Youtube and want to offer even more personalised content, get your own website and direct your viewers to your very own page!

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