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3 champs and their thoughts from the tracks

The speed, thrills and spills of MotoGP are really all enough to keep us coming back, but this isn't just a sport for speed demons and adrenaline addicts! 

Some of the best thoughts on riding come from the champs themselves, right from the circuits of MotoGP race weekend. Brought together by a common love for bikes and fast rides, riders mingle with engineers, team managers and journalists, and can give equally exciting snippets of the MotoGP life through conversations.

Here's a sample of just some of that insightful chatter:

1. “The Yamaha style is completely different. They carry a little more corner speed, so they don’t feed the throttle in the same way. The rpm is a little higher, a little smoother. I’ve never ridden one, but the style of riding is totally different.” - Dani Pedrosa, 125/250cc world champion, Repsol Honda Team

2. “In the warm-up, just to see what would happen, I tried to make the hairpins in second gear, and in the first lap, I see that it was pretty good. I have stronger acceleration, so we could be faster and much more closer to the Hondas. We modified the gearbox to adapt, but it was not enough in the race, especially with a full tank. We needed just the last two tenths to fight with them.” - Jorge Lorenzo, two-time MotoGP world champion, Yamaha Factory Racing

3. “So slow, and at the apex, there’s really only one line. Everybody’s going to want to be on the inside. First corners are always tight, but this one’s going to be interesting. It’s going to get tight up there real quick.” - Nicky Hayden, 2006 MotoGP world champion, Ducati Factory Team

*Photo courtesy of AG


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