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Top 3 Modular Helmets

Style and comfort are obvious angles to look for when choosing a suitable motorcycle helmet, but when it comes to the most relaxing and enjoyable motorcycle ride, nothing is more comforting than knowing that in the event of a crash, you're always going to be protected.

The last thing you want is a cheap helmet that can't guarantee you can walk away from an accident unharmed. Modular helmets are extremely popular these days because they are stylish and don't compromise on safety. A hybrid of open-faced and full-faced helmets, modular ones basically just means they can be flipped open at any time you want a breath of fresh air or have a chat with a fellow rider. Otherwise, they're still meant to have their visors closed while riding.

Check out these modular motorcycle helmets that make the best choice for safety, durability, and style.

1. HJC RPHA MAX Modular Flip-Up Street Helmet

At just over USD 400, the RPHA Max far exceeds DOT requirements and comes with a five-year warranty. Made from super strong resistant carbon fibres, aramid epoxy, organic fibers and fibreglass epoxy, it's a lightweight yet sturdy helmet.

It's got an easy push button releasing action for face shield and face bar and has a design for extreme noise reduction at high speeds. It's innovative shield closure design places shield inside the eye port gasket, allowing it to be put away when not required.

Anti-fog shield also gives you better visibility in bad weather.

2. Shark Evoline Series 3

The Shark Evoline has always been popular with street riders and sports bikers, simply because it is always evolving and coming out with better designs. The Series 3 features usual top-notch aerodynamics and emphasis on strong cushioning on impact.

For about USD 430, you get injected plastics that also allows full bluetooth comms option installation. An automatic chin bar unlocks the visor simultaneously and it has removable interior padding for easy washing. Anti-scratch and anti-fog visor helps ensure long life, while improved ventilation reduces sweating and promotes greater padding wicking.

3. Bell Rogue Hybrid

For a spartan yet slick look, few helmets can come close to the Bell Rogue with its distinguishable feature being the face guard that clips to the side rather than swinging over your face.

It's also the downside though, as this means that there is little chin support and protection for anything more than a rough bump or scrape.

Whichever helmet you eventually decide to use, make sure you get one that fits your riding style – the riskier your riding, the safer your helmet should be.

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