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Setting up for Success: What to Consider When Personalizing Decals

There are endless combinations when it comes to personalizing decals for your motorcycle. To prevent overwhelm, let us walk you through the different ways you may want to approach this.

There are no rules as to how you should be personalizing your bike with decals, it’s really up to you. Of course, there is a recommended technique in the application of decals on your bike that ensures it aligns and sticks correctly, which we have covered in our previous article.

However, if you are still figuring out what sort of decals to use for your bike, here are some simple considerations that you may find useful.

Complement or Renew Look?

Based on our customers’ experiences, you will likely have two scenarios:

The first: you want to complement and enhance your existing bike’s decals (brand/model/cc) with additional stickers on other parts of your bike.

The second: you want something fairly or totally new and want to remove all or some of the existing decals on your bike.

In both scenarios, you are either just adding complementary decals, or subtracting some (if not all) of your bike’s existing decals and replacing them with totally different decals in terms of color scheme and designs.

To complement the existing decal design and base paint on your bike, you can also look for different sticker colors and designs that will tastefully add a new dimension to how your bike looks without overkilling it.

Street Triple R
Image source: Triumph Motorcycles (Speed Triple R)

Let’s take the bike pictured above as an example. Its body is phantom black with red accents on the side cowl-fairings. Existing original silver and white decals are seen on the phantom black tank, and white and black ones on the red cowl-fairings.

If reflective orange decals (below, left)—something outside of the bike’s existing color scheme—were applied on the outer and inner rim, they would transform the bike’s appearance, adding a fiery, racing feel to the bike. 

Stickman Vinyls
Stickman Vinyls
Motorcycle Rim Wheel Decal Accessory Sticker Options for Triumph Speed Triple R

Top: Reflective Orange

Bottom: Reflective Red

If that is not your thing, and you prefer to stay within the bike’s color scheme, pick a white or red (above, right) rim decal color.

Custom Text or Bike Model Text?

If you want to express something more personal, especially on your inner rim stickers, you can have your name or initials or even words that inspire you as custom made decals.

If you are a purist, then you will want to emphasize the model of your motorcycle: (Suzuki) GSX 1000, (BMW) S1000R, (Triumph) Speed Triple R, and so on.

Flaunt Your Fonts or Not? 

Next will be deciding on the decal’s font design options to match your preferred design direction.

Do you want something that will push the bike out of its comfort zone a little, as far as font designs are concerned, or get something close within the present font design scheme?

Loud and Bold or Subtle-Minimalist?

Would you like to keep it simple and subtle, with just an outer rim liner? 

Or, if you have something bolder and louder in mind, you can start with a  .

Your Bike, Your Style

These are just some basic, but useful pointers to help you along with your bike’s decal choices. Create a look that works for your bike and represents your style.

If it helps, take a photo of your bike and visualize how the stickers would look on the respective bike parts.

Feel free to contact us if you need more help or have questions. Have a good one!

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