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Bikes VS Cars

 written by Annette Ashwini Joseph

The perpetual debate continues.

Considering recent fuel prices fast escalating, it’s about time we take our dual-wheeled beau more seriously.

It’s a bonus given it uplifts the environmentally-friendly spirit in you as there’s no prizes for guessing that when you commute by way of motorcycle, you’re ultimately triumphing the environmental scene too.

Just take a second to think of how far off “friendlier” it is as opposed to its four-wheeled counterpart.

  • Cost

Pennywise, having a motorbike, hands-down beats any form of car costs, be it purchase-wise, maintenance and undeniably, fuel costs. The engine displacement of both cars and motorbikes are on extreme ends of the spectrum. This is evident as a car with a higher cc proves to be more powerful, rather, a motorbike weighs completely different on the scale; wherein it doesn’t necessarily translate the same motorbike-wise.

  • Safety

Yes! you read that sub-heading right! Unbelievable?

Go on and pay more attention to motorcyclists the next time you’re on the road and you will realize waahh-laa!..the biker is free off his phone. Can’t say the same for drivers who often are seen on their devices, leaving the risk of their lives in the hands (or in this case, the ‘chassis’) of their cars.

This is probably propelled by the preamble biker-cognizance towards the innate risks that come along with riding. Thus, bikers are conditioned to be more inclined of their surroundings.

  • Freedom

There's nothing which roars liberty more than an open road. Picture the cool breeze from the wind slapped on your face. It just isn’t the same when all windows are wound down - which can get a tad irritating if you ask me. Many motorcyclists find riding to be the perfect escape to get away from it all.

  • Proximity

Riding is a sure shot way at unsuspectingly imploring the bond between you and your (most preferred, in this case) pillion rider. I mean how long can one really bear holding hands on a car journey? Pro tip! Step on that brake a little quicker to guarantee that added closeness.  


  • Parking

When it comes to parking, it’s really an open-goal here for motorbikes; both figuratively and literally speaking. Who are we kidding, right? Ever wondered what it’s like to escape the gallows of no available car parking spots? I have actually noticed cars being parked at designated motorbike parking bays on many occasions myself. So, parking-wise, it’s best I lay this point to rest already before coming off any less smart in trying to make a point here.

  • “Brotherhood”

The motorcycling community typically embodies the concept of “brotherhood”. Bet all of us have had at least at some point on the road seen motorbike convoys. Almost none of us are strangers to these fleets adorning our freeways every now and then. On the flip side, ever seen as many car group legions to the same tune? I guess not. Apart from the immense pride in which bike enthusiasts exhibit, they also seem to keep a better watchful eye out for each other unlike drivers who oftentimes seem unheeding to fellow drivers on the roads.

I guess the motorbike dropped the mic on this one.

So whether, it's attributable to the need for a strong sense of Brotherhood, or just absolute penchant towards freedom, you really want to consider getting a bike on your next transport purchase. Well, whim and fancy is a good reason too, just so you know!

..for you really don't want to look back in anger once you've decided!

Alternatively, if you are fickle in deciding, you can always opt for the..




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