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The New Honda Super Cub

To celebrate the 60th anniversary and the great peak of 100 million sold, beloved motor company Honda decided to remodel the iconic Super Cub. Over the years, the company have released newer designs of the motorcycle with the 80cc, 70cc, 50cc, and the 2013 Honda Super Cub 110cc. However, this the new 2018 remodelled 110cc and 50cc have its own modern yet retro style true to the original look as well.




Being one of the most popular bikes to have ever been built and sold over 50 million units in 47 years and doubled to 100 million units in just 12 years. The new Super Cub will be equipped with modern tech, drum brakes front and rear and LED headlights. In addition to that, the Super Cub came out with ‘Pro’ versions of the 50cc and 110cc with a built-in basket on the front, 14-inch wheels, and a relatively larger luggage rack.

Though sad to say, that the new Super Cub have not yet to be released in the US or the UK. Honda is making them in 15 countries including Japan and Thailand. Although to be fair, Cub’s popularity is centred amongst mostly Asian countries. At the Tokyo Motor Show, they will also be introducing the Honda’s electric scooter cub’s manufacture in the upcoming year.

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